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Real Currency

Build Your Business on Relationships

A foundation for Success 

Relationships are the foundation of society and are one of our most valuable resources. Good relationships are essential to have in both your personal and professional life if you wish to be successful.

Relationships are the glue that binds people and things together. When someone connects you with someone else, sends you a heartfelt card or does something nice for you we are reminded that relationships with others are life’s real currency. Connectors are generally the ones who make the most money because it’s the law of reciprocity. It’s the givers gain philosophy – those who give the most referrals or connect the most people tend to be rewarded with more referrals and connections for their business.

We take helping businesses build relationships seriously and love to see others succeed. We believe that success is the result of an ability to "Think Different". A new approach to marketing that builds business relationships should be embraced.

At Life’s Real Currency LLC, our clients can count on receiving the tools and training that blends old-world charm with new-world technology to make life easier.

Relationships are Life's Real Currency

“Success is a seed that when nurtured with good soil, water, nutrients and care provides an abundant harvest.” - Brenda Sanchez

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Business is built on relationships so make building relationships your business.


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In addition to writing this excellent book Brenda Sanchez and Michael Sanchez take the content and create outstanding workshops and presentations that make it easy for business owners to apply relationship marketing principles. After years as a briefing officer in the Air Force, Brenda is an excellent speaker who is at ease in front of an audience, whether planned or extemporaneous. And she knows how to craft a presentation that highlights material effectively. Invite Brenda and Michael to your organization to understand Life's Real Currency and how to build referrals using relationship marketing.

Donna Sylvester

This book really delivers! I appreciate how it is based upon real life experiences that I can relate to. It is not a new widget...instead it is packed with simple truths that any business person can apply. Investing in the relationships around you such a fulfilling and profitable way to grow a business. Highly recommended!

Troy Reichert

This book is an amazing look at the power of relationships and what building relationships will do for your business. It is a must read if you are wanting to get ahead in business. There are many great analogies and real life examples. 5 stars!!

Jennie Potter

What an incredibly motivating book to put action into your business! Michael and Brenda share amazing insights about their journey and how it has led to success. I could not put it down and loved all the golden nuggets in their story as well as the other success stories! I have recommended this book many times already! And will continue to do so!

Linda M Walters

It's all about the relationships we make and keep. Mike & Brenda have done a great job sharing life experiences while enlightening us with knowledge of what is important in life and business. It is a must read...

Joy Klohonatz

I would like to express my gratitude for being able to work with Mike and Brenda Sanchez. They have a sincere passion for helping others create relationships in life and business. They are professional, dedicated and committed to training and creating opportunities. I highly recommend Mike and Brenda. Working with them has been a great honor!

Cheryl Scott

I saw the potential of what I could do with those cards and that alone convinced me to buy it. It's been great for my clients, my contacts and my business. She's a proud veteran of the greatest Air Force in the World and she's a good friend. Thanks for showing me the card system. It's become an integral part of my strategy.

Rodney Gullatte Jr.

Brenda has taught me the the art and skill of appreciation for my business. She took the time (on many occasions) to sit with me to develop a stream lined approach for sending out thank you's. As my business (a cafe) continues to grow, she checks in with me to see if I need to tweak a few things so I can keep up to date. My favorite part is making sure the people I appreciate know it, and they have something tangible to hang up for constant reminders.

Liz Rosenbaum

I had great experience with cards, Brenda was great and show me great way to market my business in low cost. My clients love to get those cards to their mail and very appriciate that. Thank you brenda and cards

Yaron Hefter